Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Sew Year!

It's only a week into 2012, but my friendly sewing maching has been humming away. I love to sew! And lucky me--I have many hours to do what I love.
My first project of the year is Pot Handle Sleeves. Since I participate in several big Chrismas Bazaars in November and December, my job is to continuously bulk up my inventory during the year. So I make items in multiples. And I've learned that the most efficient way is to work assembly line style.
Here's how I make my Pot Handle Sleeves: (I made my own pattern.)

First I cut lots of pretty main fabric.
Then I cut fabric for the linings.
I have a stack of batting and Insul-Brite.
And bright bias tape.
I sandwich the layers,
zig-zag the bias tape across the top,
fold right sides together, stitch,
turn right-side-out and Voila!
A sleeve that fits over a pot handle!
I'm off to a good start and plan to make at least a hundred--yes, 100!! I'll need to have plenty for the Christmas bazaars next winter.

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